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 Infrared Sauna


Weight loss and increased metabolism,

Detoxification, Immune System Booster, Ease joint pain and stiffness, Reduces Stress and Fatigue, Muscle Pain Relief, Improves appearance of cellulite, improves skin, Increases Circulation, aids in cardiovascular health and much more.

Add on session $20 includes access to shower

Please note: Infrared Sauna Sessions are not sold individually and are intended to be used as an add-on service to enhance your experience while receiving a Healing, Massage or Aromatherapy Bath.


Aromatherapy Bath 

The Aromatherapy Bath is a form of healing that is incredibly effective. Water in itself is healing, and many of us need the time submerged in a warm healing bath to disconnect in order to re-connect with what is important. 

The Aromatherapy bath session will begin with a mini reading where your energy and chakra's will be assessed. A mini guided meditation will follow to calm the mind and prepare you for your bath. The bath itself will include a blend of essential oils mixed in Epsom salts made for you based on your assessment of energy and chakra's. Colouring will also be added to the water to help open the chakra that needs your attention.

This is a great add-on service before receiving a massage as it loosens the muscles, opens your pores to release toxins, promotes circulation and relaxes the entire body, allowing you to maximize the benefits of your massage.      

As an Add on Session: 30 minutes - $30