Advanced spiritual classes

Sacred Geometry 

 Learn to create sacred space and how to build and protect your energy.

Sanctuary Meditation 

 Creating a solid foundation for your meditation practice from beginners to advanced.

Astral Travel 

Learn how to astral travel and learn the difference between astral travel and meditation. Guided through an astral travel experience.

Spiritual Intuition 

Learn how to develop your intuition and spiritual senses: Clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience.

Stress Rescue 

Learn to identify stress in your life and ways to overcome it.

(This class can be given in a corporate and or educational setting)

Awaken Thyself 

Have you ever wanted more information about training in a Mystery School? Are you ready to Awaken Thyself? This class is for you.

7 Mystery School 

 There are only seven mystery schools in the world. This class takes you on a journey through all 7.

1 class is given a month - call 705-372-5609 or check fb page for more information