The consultation will determine which areas you wish to improve in relation to your mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual needs. You will have the choice between the Aromatherapy Massage, personalized products, a Life Activation, the Healings or a combination of your choice. 



The Deluxe Aromatherapy Massage is not like any other Massage you have had! This session is a unique combination between an Aromatherapy Treatment, Swedish Massage and a mini card reading. The massage works on pressure points to melt away stress plus added pressure and harder strokes to help release built up tension, help with inflammation and sore muscles and to also help release trigger points (knots). This session offers a rare combination of techniques which induces complete relaxation while still working on those tight back muscles. This Massage includes back, head, neck and foot massage as well as an aroma facial & mini card reading.

Session: 1 hour-$100 

The Couple's Massage includes an Aromatherapy Massage for you and your loved one given together, side by side. This is also great for sisters, mother - daughter or friends who are looking to de-stress and enjoy a little pampering.  

Session: Two 1 hour massages  - $200

The Relaxation Massage is 30 minutes of pure bliss & relaxation! You are provided with the option to combine two of your favorite aspects of the Deluxe Aroma Massage:

Back Massage + Facial or Facial + Foot Massage or Foot Massage + Back Massage.

Session: 30 minutes - $50 

The Pregnancy Massage is a session where the mother-to-be can lay comfortably on a specialized massage cushion that allows for expecting women to lay on their stomachs. (No more uncomfortable side Massages!) The massage is relaxing yet effectively releases tension and relieves pain associated with pregnancy. With a gentle blend of Lavender and Chamomile, you are sure to enjoy some much needed pampering!

Session: 1 hour - $100

Healing Massage

Welcome to the best of both worlds! 

The Crystal Massage consists of an essential oil Massage (with a personalized blend geared towards emotional and mental healing) directly followed by a gentle yet incredibly effective Crystal Healing. No need to even move! The transition is effortless, allowing you to truly lay back and immerse yourself into a relaxing, rejuvenating and healing session. 

Session: 1.25h - $120

The Reiki Massage is an aromatherapy massage that focuses on moving energy through the body combined with reiki, a form of energy healing. This session is great for those who want to focus on specific areas of the body or have particular emotional or mental needs. The Massage allows for complete physical relaxation while a more hands on approach to reiki further assists in healing.

Session: 1h - $100